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Up until now you have probably been doing all of your advertising by, Business cardsTelephone DirectoryNews Papers, and by Word of Mouth.
 Telephone Directory and New's Paper Ad's are an expensive way to Advertise!!
The average hard working Handyman or woman can not afford this kind of advertising!!!

Our extensive Advertising and Marketing of this Web-Site is different and better.

Become a MEMBER of ( and let us do the Advertising that will put your Information where it will count.
 Where you don't have to pay a week or a monthly payment to keep your ad running.
Your Yearly Membership is all that is needed!!


We have three ways to Adertise

Your services will be posted on every Professional Page that you are Experienced in. This means that if your services are Lawn Care, Gutter Cleaning, Landscaping, and Hauling, then you will be listed on four different pages, with your complete contact information and a short personalized description of your services. 
We truly want you and your services to be exposed to the people who need and want them.

This is a special Info page that we add onto each service of your choice. 
We collect Info from you to create this page about things of interest that qualifies you to the services you provide. It can include pictures of interest and detailed information about your Business.

Special Advertising is available to those who have a Business Web-Site. We also provide a Link to it. 
This type of Advertising constitutes additional cost.

EXAMPLE - Standard with Excellence add on 

Company:  Dukes Hauling Service                               Years Exp:    10 Yrs.
Contact:  Duke Boy                                                         Insured:         NO
Address:  123 Duke ST.                                                  Licensed:      Yes
                 Moneta, VA. 24121                                         E-Mail: 
                                                                          (Extra)    More Info:     Click Here
Phone #  (540) 297-1234                                 (Extra)    Web-Site Link:           
Cell #      (540) 400-1234                                                                                                                                          
 You call we Haul. If you need it hauled in or you need it hauled out, we can handle the job. 
Call for price, It will depend on articles to be hauled and where we are hauling to.
For quick service and good pricing call us.

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Membership to this web-Site will run for one year, with automatic renewal or non renewal are available.

The Advertising of this Web - Site

We want to have every Household, and every Business in the Greater Roanoke Valley area to have knowledge about this Web - Site and your services. This will take Innovative Advertising, to make this possible. Below you will see some of the ways our advertising will work for you .

Four times a year we will be sending Advertising about 
to all

 Real Estate Agents
 Mortgage Company's
Mortgage Brokerage Firms

These are the people that are associated with the home buyers and business people, through their services.

Every Contractor in the Greater Roanoke Valley will be contacted, so in the event that they might need part time or temporary services, they will have contacts at their Finger Tips.

And of course we will be doing all the standard Advertising of this Special Web - Site to insure every household and every Business in the Greater Roanoke Valley  will know of its 
Members and their Services.

Internet Coverage
Post cards


If you are a member with no web-site, the Yearly Dews for a Standard will be $250.00!!
If you would like Standard and Standard Plus the Yearly Dews will be $400.00
If you have a Web-Site and want the Standard & Plus & Excellence, the Yearly Dews will be $500.00!!

Advertising is the Key to a Successful Business !!!

So call today and let us get started with your Advertising!!!

Make Checks Payable to ( Roanoke Valley Handyman LLC )

This is an opportunity that you don't want to miss out on.
If you are a good, reliable, Professional Handyman, Handywoman or Contractor and want the 
Broadest kind of Advertising, Fill out the contact portion of this page and we will contact you ASAP.

We look forward to Helping YOU Grow YOUR Business!!!

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