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Home's - Property - Rental Properties - Farm's
Residential or Commercial
are known as Real State. 
They are also known as Investments. Investments have a Value.
And to keep the value or to improve the value of your Real Estate Investment
you will need 
Builders - Renovation - Repairs & Maintenance
Professional's and Contractors

This  Web - Site  was designed with your investment in mind.

On the Services page that follow's, you will find the 
Professional Handymen, Handy Women, Builders and Contractors:

 That can !

Build It!
Install It! 
Fix IT!
 Replace IT! 
Move IT! 
Haul IT! 
Remove IT!
 or just plain
 Take  Care of IT!

These are Professional people that live in the Greater Roanoke Valley, Virginia area, 
that want to be of service to you around your Home, Farm, Property, and or Business.

This is a web site where Qualified Professional's have the opportunity to introduce them-selves
 and their Business to the Greater Roanoke Valley residents.
You do not have to join or share your personal information with this web -site

You have full control of who you want to contact for the Quote, for your Project.
Our Members look forward to talking with you and will gladly prepare a quote.
You may also contact as meany Members as you like, until you find that certain person 
or people that you feel are qualified and of your liking!

Click on

to begin your search

We hope this Web - Site will be a Great Service to all Home Owners, Professionals, Builders, Contractors, and Investors in the Roanoke Valley and beyond.
We want to do our part to help the Self Employed and Small Business people to keep them working!!
This web site is about people helping people!!!

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Home Improvements 
Protect your Investment
Find Local 
Handymen - Builders - Contractors

Advertising for Pros

If you feel that you are a Qualified Professional and would like to be a Member of this web - site. We would love to talk with you about our services. 
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Our Members look forward to being of service to you.

Roanoke Valley Handyman is a Local Advertiser for 
Local people that work In - Around & On, 
homes and businesses 

This is a Free service for Home Owners.
Please browse our Members and contact the ones you feel that can help you with your Home Project