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Company:     R. E. M. Specialties                                           Years Exp:    yrs.
Contact:        Brian Baynes                                                     Insured:  Yes
Address:                                                                                   Licensed:  Yes  
                    , Va.
Phone #:      (540)  874 - 5659                                                 E-Mail:
Cell #:                                                                                        Web-Site:     

                                               We Specialize in the things we do best!!! 
                                                              Beautifie Old Bath Tubs  
          Ceramic Tile Installation & Repair - Home Maintenance Service - Presure Washing Services                              
Bath Tubs & Sink Professional Repair & Refinishing
Upgrading can be price'y, so an alternative can be to repair and beautify the tired and worn look of the Bath Tub and Sink.
These are the Professionals that can help you with the repair & refinish of the bath tub or sink. 
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