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Company:  Floyd & Varney, LLC                                          Years Exp:    Yrs.
Contact:     Richard Varney,  SRA                                        Insured:       
Address:                                                                                 Licensed:   # 544  
                  , Va

Phone #  (540) 344-1845                                                        E-Mail:
Cell #       (540) 354-4494                                                       Web-Site:                                                                              

                                     For your Real Estate Appraisal Needs      
Listed below are some of the Appraisers that live and work in Roanoke, VA and the surrounding areas.
An Appraisal is a great tool that can be used by a home owner to have a good understanding of the current value of your home you will need a good Appraiser. Having an appraisal can also let you know where upgrades are needed if you are looking the sell.
An Appraiser is always by a Mortgage Lender to know what the mortgage will max out to be. 

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